Monday, June 18, 2007

Mmm.... confit.....

Right now... the entire place smells like garlic confit. Mmmmmm.

So... on Friday after work, I did go to the bookstore and picked up the Bouchon cookbook. Got some Cosi for dinner and sat down for a fun evening of cookbook reading (well, it's fun for me, at least).

Wow. Happy me.

I'm surprised at the amount of stuff that seems approachable and gasp! complimentary to my hubby's tastes.

I do believe this week will be attempts at the Tuna Nicoise Tartine for me for a couple lunches, and the Mussels with Saffron and Mustard for one dinner (maybe tomorrow - gotta get to Whole Foods for the mussels and nicoise olives for the tuna). Looking forward to it.

Spent Saturday running around to grocery stores.... I was hoping to make a run to Penzey's (there are ones in the area, but none that are easy to get to... heck.. it's probably easier for me to get up to Wisconsin.... ). That didn't happen. Just ended up getting an online order in today... totally blanked that a coworker was getting married this weekend, and I wanted to give her a small gift, and since we spend our smoke breaks talking about cooking, I know she'll enjoy it.

Sunday was low-key day with the in-laws. Outside all day. Oh my allergies.

Housework neglected this weekend... the bathrooms need cleaning, and I still have to get the winter sheets off the bed. Kitchen really needs a scrub down (as always). And I have to clean out the fridge.... I've got the week old lasagna in there that I wasn't impressed with (which is why it never made it to the freezer). I'm sure there is laundry to be done, but thankfully the husband went and bought some new work clothes this weekend, which buys time, lol.

Dinner tonight was highly uninteresting... filet mignons, nuked potatoes and grilled asparagus. The fun of grilling in the rain... I swear it was only raining every time I walked out on the deck. Did chop up some fresh rosemary for on top of my steak.... yum. Rosemary is another one, like fennel... I love it fresh but cannot stand the dried stuff.

Sigh. Dirty kitchen calls.

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