Saturday, June 30, 2007

I hate cleaning

Which is why I don't do it often, I guess.

But we have company coming next weekend (hubby's old college roommate) so we had no choice.

Cleaned the bathrooms, washed the floors, cleaned up the bedroom & living room. Kitchen is still a disaster area, but I'll get that this week. Also need to run a vacuum, but that's no biggie.

I could go on about when I found out a few months back at a family party that I'm the only one - besides his mother - in the Man's family that does not have maid service. That really, really needs to change soon.

The hubby also tackeled Mt. Washmore that's been piling up by his side of the bedroom. Glad to see that.

Also sewed my one beadspread that got ripped... about two years ago.

Then went to Kohl's to get totally cute but impractical shoes for me, and new Dockers for the Man.

Dinner was Portillos (hot dogs and beef sandwiches).

I promise to be a better Hausfrau tomorrow.... gotta do the weekly shopping, and also needed to prep a couple pantry staples from the Bouchon cookbook. Garlic confit and tomatoes confit. Garlic will be used in a hummus recipe for the 4th, maybe also a garlic aioli for the 4th. (For the 4th, going off to my bro in law's house in the morning to watch a parade that goes right past the house, then to my mom's in the evening where they shoot off fireworks across the street. And apparently, to my mom, the phrase "Why don't you do sandwiches for the 4th this year?" means "Why, yes, I'd love to BRING the sandwiches").

Might do the Frogs Legs from the Bouchon cookbook this week. At least that is the plan right now. A girl can hope, right????

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