Saturday, June 9, 2007

The typical Saturday.....

Today was spent on the mundane but required tasks of the usual Hausfrau who also has a full time job.

Hit the farmer's market for a few minutes.... first time I've been to the town's farmer's market although I've lived here for 8 years.... pretty sad, actually. I hope it was a poor showing since it was the first farmer's market day for the season. Too many people selling crafts (like the "stuff made from gourds" stand... what the hell?) and not enough food. I did walk away with some tomatoes, strawberries and a small loaf of zucchini bread for breakfast tomorrow.

Then, it was time to brave the masses and hit the plain old grocery store (that'll be POG from here on out) and the produce mart.

Sadly, my grocery store cart is starting to look more and more like the people I pity most.... people with carts full of nothing but all the crap convenience foods that the usual POG has to offer now. But in my defense, that is because I always also hit the produce mart to buy my veggies and meat at half price. The POG haul was lasagna fixin's (which included the 3 pound jar of Prego.... I have tried many times to make my own sauce but I grew up on Prego.... my italian Gran used Prego.... I'm a Prego girl and I have no shame about it) and some stuff that is cheaper there like tuna that was on sale. Woo. Exciting.

Oh, picked up fixings so the hubby can make himself fried balogna tomorrow. I despise the stuff. He is only allowed to make it when I am not home and the house can be fully aired out before I return home.

Produce mart haul was pretty unexciting. Sadly, as more and more people have discovered this place, they've gotten a little more mainstream. But the place still rocks.

Home... did some cleaning, did some laundry (exciting life, huh?) and prepped a lasagna for tomorrow, in honor of the last ever episode of the Sopranos. Also, I have a wedding shower tomorrow (two cousins are getting married this summer/fall.... uh... not to each other, as that kinda reads....) so who knows when I'll be getting home.

My lasagna... no real recipe.... some ground sirloin and italian sausage and onions cooked... add red sauce to taste.... take your riccotta, mix in some thawed chopped spinach and choppped salami along with the egg.... layer it all with cheese and the no-boil noodles. Now it happily sits in our fridge for tomorrow.

And we had Taco Bell for dinnner. I suck... but the husband was happy (hey.... I gave him the choice between BLTs and Taco Bell. I blame him.)

Sudden thought that I might need to do bruschetta with my tomatoes tomorrow. Hmm. Also gives me a chance to raid the herb garden, which I always love.

Yeah. Fairly typical Saturday. Sadly, right down to the Taco Bell.

Ok. Hex is on in a minute. I've mentioned I love TV, right???

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