Thursday, June 28, 2007

More adventures in crap-tacular food

If I may plead my case.... it's been a mentally exhausting week at work. And a late week at work.

On the drive home, knew my options for dinner was limited. I always have stuff to fix breakfast on hand, and I knew I also had some frozen clam strips (shut up... they were on sale and the trashy take-out food part of me has been craving Long John Silver's since they closed the nearby one a year ago). I was thinking about stopping at the store, but the traffic in that direction was just horrid, so I just drove straight home.

Hubby said he could go for the clam strips. Decision made, then!

Whipped up some cocktail sauce and tartar sauce, pulled some "garlic" fries from Trader Joe's out of the frige (just regular fries with a garlic/parsley sauce packet thing... pretty tasty addition if you drain off the damned oil) and fired up the oven. It was nice to be able to use the oven, with the temps in the 90 for the past few days, I haven't been in the mood to turn on the oven.

Also steamed some broccoli. I need my veggies.

Not bad, overall.

I'd hoped to do the Tomato Confit from the Bouchon cookbook tonight, but since they take 6 hours, well, that wasn't going to be happenin'.

I might do them on Saturday... have to wake up early to bring my car in to have the breaks looked at (don't ever buy one of the newer model Merc Cougars. I swear, every year since '99 I've had to have the breaks done) and the rest of the day will be spent cleaning, which should be interesting, since we're low on cleaning supplies. Sigh. Might be making a run to Target at lunch time tomorrow, unless I decide that going to the farmer's market is more important.

Garden report..... got one strawberry that is half red. Hopefully tomorrow it will be all red and I will be happy to have the first non-herb "fruits" of the garden.

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