Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mmmm... relaxing Sunday.

It's nice when the big weekend summer fast at a nearby town is happening. It means my town in darned near deserted. And I like that.

Did the grocery shopping and running around today. Was actually nice and uncrowded.

Hit the regular store, hit the produce market. Then hit the GFS store to get some half sheet pans and lids for the egg dishes I'm making for the brunch on the 4th.

Then... home for an afternoon of Hausfrau duties. And today that is trying to accomplish four things:

  1. Make Tomato Confit.
  2. Make Garlic Confit.
  3. Make Hummas.
  4. Clean beadspread.
The tomato confit is in the oven. My chickpeas are ready for hummus but I'm waiting on the garlic confit, which is happily sitting on the stovetop. I love my simmer burner.

Just the the beadspread in the washing machine. Time to relax and figure out what the heck is for dinner.

They had some fabulous avocados, ripe and cheap, at the produce market. So we could do mexican for dinner.

Also at the produce market, the had bacon, cheese and potatoe pierogies made by a Mexican company (odd... but cheap and hopefully a nice surprise) and I have polish sausage in the fridge. Don't have cabbage though, so I might do that later in the week.

They had filet mignon on sale at the plain old grocery, always an easy meal.

Got fixings to make a nice stir fry, but that might be tomorrow since I'd like to bake up some frozen eggrolls to go with it, and the oven is still going to be occupied for another 4-5 hours.

Hmm. So I guess that means mexican or steaks. We'll see what the hubby feels like when he gets home from washing his car over at his parents house (the washing of the car is the Sunday religious service for his family - seriously. On the days when us wives also bring over our cars for a wash, it can look like a used car lot over there.)

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