Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ahhhh weddings.

I lack a lot of usual "chick" qualities. The "oooh" and "ahhhh" over weddings is a big one.

Not even in my youth did I dream of the big, white, church wedding. No appeal at all.

The hubby and I were married in Vegas (not planned... but not unexpected). Six months after we came back, we had a receptions with lots of booze and lots of food at a pretty nice hall (simply because I didn't have the time to do all the planning to make it a backyard party or something). If the families hadn't really all hinted they wanted the party, we would have not had it.

So little in to my own wedding... I'm not one of those chicks who gets all goofy-loofy when it's time to attend a wedding. It means it's going to cost me money. It means it's going to dig in to my weekend time. It means I have to sit around in a room of people oooohing and aaaaahhhing for a few hours. It means some embarassing pictures of me will be taken. It means I have to endure relatives I'd rather not see. It means crappy hall food. It means having to run outside in the freezing cold or horrid humidity ever time I want a smoke.

For this wedding, it means taking a day off work, which I have actually been looking forward to for about two months, but a crimp is in the plans now since one my co-worker spent some time in the hospital this week, so no one will be there to hold down the fort tomorrow. Which *always* means something is going to blow up. It means I have to try to get at least two more applications of fake tan on to even out the damned sunburn I got on the 4th of July. This wedding also means dropping the money on a hotel room, since it's in the metro area, but not really close to here. For this wedding, it means dealing with the many petty fueds that are going on in the family

Yes, it's nice to see the happy couple. And in this case, my cousin and his fiancee are a great couple and I'm very happy for them.

But it's just such a pain in the ass.....

On the housewifey front... been a bad wife the past couple days. I had an appointment last night after work so I picked up Italian grinders on the way home. Tonight was doctored up frozen pizza... and old standby.... take fair quality frozen pizza, add some sliced onions, mushrooms, peppers, some fresh basil, a little parm and romano.... always good. And kept the kitchen a minimal disaster area. Also managed to clean out some junk from the fridge that was about to god bad. Bonus!!

Obviously... no cooking tomorrow. I want to on Saturday... we'll see how the day goes and what I can come up with if I don't get to the grocery store. I still have that pound of domestic crawfish tails in the freezer... but I'd like to do something better with those.

Loving the World Series of Pop Culture this week... that series of "songs of 2006" questions was just hilarious. I had no clue either. Tonights Simpsons questions?? LAME. They could have at least asked who voices Fat Tony, gone to Lenny & Karl, Duff beer, Krusty's supurflous nipple, Ned.... the possibilities they missed!!!!

Sigh. Is it time for the trip to Vegas yet??? I really cannot wait to be on vacation.

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