Monday, July 2, 2007

Stoopid hummus!!!

So, yesterday I was using Mark Bittman's hummus recipe from his Best Recipes book (don't have the book, but found it online and it seemed to have good reviews).

I thought it had too much tahini in it for my taste, but I'm trying to learn to trust other foodies and believe that they might know better than me.

Not in this case.

After soaking my beans overnight and then cooking them, I started the hummus. I even added less tahini than was in the recipe. When I tasted it, all I could taste was tahini. I'm not a huge tahini fan to begin with, and I was not happy with the results.

Chucked a couple more cloves of garlic confit in there and some more oil, and it didn't seem to make a lick of difference. DAMNIT.

I did buy some canned chickpeas today, might still attempt to thin it out some more, or maybe it's gotten better in the fridge. I guess I'll see either tomorrow or Wednesday.

So, I've got more garlic confit going, since I wanted to make aioli for the 4th party, I might throw more in the hummus, and I really want to make the Frogs Legs from the Bouchon cookbook on Thursday. Which also means I have to get to the market and hope they still have frogs legs, since I think I'll need another 4 pairs.

Busy day at work, my mother frustraited me to all get-out (when I ask how many people will be at the party after you've asked me to bring the "main" dish... please give me the correct number!!! Grrr!!). Worked out a little, made an un-impressive szechuan shrimp stir fry for dinner, then prepped the "fillings" for the egg dishes I'm bringing to the brunch (cut the herbs, chop the cheese). Oh, and watered the plants. And sadly, on inspection, had to toss two still green tomatoes that were spotted. Last year was a bad bad bad tomato year for me, and I'm hoping this is not the first sign that I'm going to have a repeat bad year.

Hell's Kitchen tonight???? Get. Melissa. Off. My. TV. NOW.

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