Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yeah, the wedding was fun.

The wedding was a lot of fun.

Even if there was drama with the bridesmaids (who apparently did not lift a finger to help out with *anything* having to do with the wedding) and drama with the bride's mama (who held up the ceremony by 45 minutes by being late for unknown reasons), it was a cool wedding. The bride looked lovely, the couple was indeed very happy.

Some of the guests were very happy by the end of the night, like my bro, who was a groomsman, who was poundin' the whiskey and was rip-roarin' drunk by the time my sis in law dragged him up to bed.

I enjoyed a few (cough cough) gin & tonics during the course of the night. And the entire shin-dig was thrown at a Wyndham hotel, and I gotta say... the "By Request" free membership deal that they offer is pretty well worth the five minutes it takes to register. When we got to our room, we were please to see that they had a bottle of water an an Amstel light chillin' in the ice bucket and had a plate of crackers and nice cheese waiting for us. Very nice. And one of the most comfy hotel beds EVER. A ton of fluffly pillows on the bed (I'm one of those people who NEEDS about four pillows to sleep) and a nice fluffy comforter.

Today was low key... after we got home I relaxed a bit, then headed out to pick up some stuff for dinner tonight. The cooking shows I watched today seemed to be all about the pasta, so I figured I'd make carbonara for dinner (always good for a day after too much to drink). Really, all I needed to get was bread, but I figured while I was out I'd also stock up on veggies for the week. Also wanted some tomatoes to whip up a little bruchetta.

The carbonara I use is basically this recipe, but I usually use asparagus or broccoli (cooked in the bacon fat) rather than the peas, hubby is not a fan of peas. And I used some garlic confit for the bruschetta... very nice. It's just slightly more mellow than raw garlic, but still not quite roasted garlic. And I really like having something tomato with carbonara... the acid in the tomato really goes nicely with the heavy sauce.

Not much else going on. Looks like it will be a low-key night catching up on all the TV we missed last night. Exciting!

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