Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Is it the 5th yet???

So. Tired.

They let us out of work early today... and for once I actually got to take advantage of it. After some quick stops at he liquor store and two grocery stores for odds and ends, I was home. Early. On a weekday.

They let out work at the hubby's place early too, but he had to stay to finish up some crap.

Oh yeah. House to myself.

Cranked up the air and the oven, and made the pita-chips for the still-needs-improvement-hummus. God I love the convection oven. Two sheets pans in there, cooking evenly.

Hubby came home, crankily went upstairs, and I actually got to take a small nap before dinner prep.

Un-exciting dinner... bacon from the oven, and fried eggs. My egg karma was off, and rather than nice sunny side up eggs with runny yolks, they were a little hard. Still good anyway.

Then was the prep of two baked omelettes based off this recipe... http://www.lanierbb.com/recipes/data/47.html. One is spinach and swiss, the other is ham and cheddar. Then crumble some bacon and shred some cheddar for some bacon cheddar puffs (pate chiox - need to attempt it at some point!) tomorrow, and the garlic aioli from the Bouchon cookbook. Ohmygawd.... I might never enjoy regular mayo again.

Very glad to be pretty much done, only have the hummus improvement to do tomorrow. But still... is it the 5th yet????

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