Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When Thomas Keller sez to cook something for 3-5 minutes, by God, cook it for only 3-5 minutes!

So, tonight was an attempt at the Frogs' Legs Provencal from the Bouchon cookbook.

Actually a pretty easy recipe, flavors were awesome.

But yeah, I over cooked them. I was trying to get the rest of the meal done and didn't pay attention to the time when I threw them in the oven, and my guess at "3 to 5 minutes" was WAY off.

Busy day at work today, not surprised. Just way too many freakin' things going on at one time.

We've had storms the past couple afternoons.... today the storms hit my old neighborhood, I was watching some on the 9pm news shows and went "Holy Crap! That's right outside White Castle!"

Nothing too bad here, just some needed rain to get me off plant watering duties for a couple days.

Not sure what I'm doing for dinner tomorrow, but I'm certainly stopping at the store. We've got nothing in the house. Even out of the basic elements of food (you ate all the tarragon and drank all the soy sauce!!). I've been out of eggs since last Wednesday. Only meat I have available right now is some polish sausage.

I did get some stuff yesterday to deal with the bug invasion in the garden. Looks like they did get another tomato, but hopefully the rest will be safe. I did use some spray stuff yesterday after I thought the rain was thru, and went out there again tonight after the rain. Hopefully it should be dry tomorrow, have some powder stuff to use also (the stuff I know my dad used to use EVERY year).

Got three loads of laundry done tonight, and I managed to work out. Woo hoo.

Cannot WAIT to watch the Eureka that is waiting on the DVR. That's one program we really like to buzz thru the commercials for.

Ok. Time to go chop herbs... doing tuna salad ala the Bouchon tuna tartine recipe. Without the eggs, obviously, and on regular store-bought loaf bread. At least its better than a Lean Cuisine.

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Hurricane Mikey said...

Well, I just spent my evening reading the entire blog... Very interesting--I didn't know you were such a foodie! Great stuff...

Now, as far as your angst against Sandra Lee or Sarah Lee or whatever her name is, I completely understand--although her crockpot risotto was actually pretty good. I guess you just have to pick and choose. Yep, 90% of the stuff she makes is complete dreck, but every now and again, there is a nugget of useful-ness. (Although, somebody who uses the high-end chefs' cookbooks would probably be much more disgusted my her recipes than your average 40-year-old bachelor).

Keep up the food-blogging. I'm sure you'll eventually find a regular audience.

Two words: Cole Slaw.