Monday, July 23, 2007

Why does the first day back at work after a 3-day weekend...

... always suck so bad? It was one of those days where nothing went as planned. And then the server went down for two hours. Which left me with nothing to do since I couldn't access the files I needed to. Ugh.


Yesterday at the grocery store, they had lobster tails on sale. By no means cheap, but at least affordable. So I figured I'd do the High and Dry Clambake recipe I've done before, with great success. And it's a good way to stretch expensive lobster! But I forgot to buy clams. Ooops. So I just did a whole split lobster tail per packet. Still worked very well, and nicely cooked lobster.

Tonight was much more low-key... biscuits and gravy. And I had every intention of trying some cream biscuits, but by the time I finally got out of work I was not going ot head to the grocery store to get cream. And I had whack-a-biscuits in the fridge already. And between working out, Hell's Kitchen and some other stuff I wanted to watch and get off the Tivo... laziness won. I suck that way sometimes.

Biscuits and gravy isn't a recipe... it's a method learned from dad. Buy Bob Evans sausage. Cut per package recipe. Flatten slices a little bit for faster cooking, and a more biscuit-sized piece of sausage. Cook according to package directions. Drain sausage on paper towels, but leave the grease in the pan. Add chopped onion. Take a few pieces of sausage and break them up, add the to the onion. When the onion is golden, sprinkle with a couple spoonfuls of flour, cook for a minute or two. Add a shitload of milk and simmer until thick. Serve over biscuits. Listen to happy eating noises of people at the dinner table (which, in our case, is the coffee table in front of the Tivo. I suck that way, too).

Was thinking about - you guessed it - whipping up the Bouchon Tuna Tartine for lunch tomorrow... but again, lazy is the word of the day. I've got leftovers from tonight, that'll work for lunch.

Hell's Kitchen tonight... with Julia gone, count me in the masses that don't want to see any of these people win. Bonnie, who suggests serving rabbit when she doesn't know how to cook it, Jen, who trash-dives for food, and Rock, who talks about himself in the third person. Ugh. And really.... I wonder about these people ooooh-ing and ahhhhh-ing about getting a place at GVR in Vegas.... yes, Vegas is a bit of a food mecca these days, do any of them KNOW the place is waaaay off strip, a locals joint, and not the same as the major Strip resorts that seem to be courting the big food names?? I just don't think they do.

Anyway.... not that much else going on. Today's technical difficulties aside, hopefully the week shouldn't be too bad. I think tomorrow the three grape tomatoes on my one plant should be good & ripe, so I'm planning steaks, a nice salad with the tomatoes, and maybe creamed spinach as a side. No so sure what will be happening for Wednesday. I do have some chicken breasts I might cook up and do something "shredded" with.

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