Sunday, July 8, 2007

I had a really clever title five minutes ago, but I forgot it.....

Did make it through the 4th of July. Still have the remains of the sunburn to proove it!

Was up early on the 4th to throw the eggs in the oven, and make the bacon cheddar cheese puffs. Was damned upset to learn I had three extra large eggs, not the four large eggs called for in the puffs recipe. Damnit. I did it anyway, and they turned out pretty good.

The parade was fun. The booze was funner. I slammed two bloody mary's and a mimosa during the course of the parade. Then it was time to gather with the sister in law and the cousin's wife in the kitchen to have another drink (or two) and eat half the bacon cheddar cheese puffs while we waited for the last of the food to cook.

By the time we left there, it was later than we thought. Barely got the sandwiches before Jimmy Johns closed, had about five minutes at home before we were off again. The hummus got left behind. Just didn't have time to try and get it tasting right.

By the time we made it to my mom's house I was a lovely shade of red. The party was OK at my mom's house... some family drama in the works, not enough food, and my other sister in law's niece acting downright creepy (looking and pointing at my husband, just laughing, it was like Children of the Corn creepy).

Primarily uneventful week at work after that, on Thursday I was WAY to tired to cook. What did we eat anyway? Oh yeah, Taco Hell.

Friday night was cleaning in anticipation of actual real live visitors this weekend.

And the visitors came on Saturday, ate much food (went out for burgers with the hubby and then the guys wanted pizza at about 8pm last night), drank a lot and watched too much MST3K. Always good times.

Today was, well, me being a big huge sloth. Also always good times!! Dinner was brats and grilled potatoes.

Hopefully this week should be a little more back to normal. Workouts, real meals and all the fun that goes with it.

Not so happy on the gardening front.... it appears I have tomato hornworms or something eating at my 'maters. Gotta stop on the way home tomorrow and try to get something to take care of that. And when I went to water the plants in the back on Saturday I was damned upset to find out that the new landscaping company for our complex - who has been onthe job for six weeks now - weed-whacked the three BLOOMING daylily plants I had in the back. Thanks!! I finally loose the black thumb of death I've had with flowers, and they go and do that. Gotta call tomorrow to bitch them out about that.

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