Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where do the weekends go??

Remember back to high school or college, when you waited for the weekend and just had a blast all weekend?

Why does that have to stop with adulthood?? I'm starting to understand why the cousin who is a year older started law school last year.... screw this whole adulthood thing! I wanna be a student again!

Not happy with the new Food Network schedule, with all the shows I like to watch on very early on Sundays. But, maybe it will force me to get off my ass and do something productive.

Last week was mostly uneventful. Did make an awesome recipe on Wednesday.... (you have to register to view the recipe on the site, but it's easy and well worth the effort, lots o' good stuff) Family-Sized Cheese Omelet (I also added some ham) that I saw on America's Test Kitchen last weekend. Usually I do "individual omeletes" when I make them for dinner, but I was tired and just decided screw it... one big one sounded good to me.

YUM. Came together in a snap and very very tasty. It comes out the way my hubby loves omeletes... nice and browned on the outside but still nice and tender inside.

Looks like dinner tonight will be roast chicken ala the Bouchon cookbook, which I've made many times and is ALWAYS tasty. Might try the glazed veggie recipe also. Or I might end up making an old favorite, Marinated Carrot Salad that I've had a taste for. Or I might do both and just pull the carrot salad out later this week.

For the week, I'm planning on doing pulled pork tacos one night, and crapola, just realized I was also thinking pulled pork sandwiches one night. Hmm. Not that I have a problem with that much pork in my diet, but I only have one pork roast. And now I'm so distracted I can't remember what else I was planning. D'oh! I really do need to pull out a couple frozen pizzas, my basil plant is going haywire and I've hardly used any of it so far this year.

In any case... will be an easy week. We've got my cousin's wedding on Friday, and even though it's in the 'burbs, it's not close so we're staying overnight. And I think my family has a big breakfast/brunch thing planned since this is the big send-off before my aunt sells everything she owns and heads off to find her fortunes in Vegas with her husband.

And speaking of Vegas.... wow, the trip is getting close. A month away! Can't wait.

Garden report... lost a couple tomatoes to blossom end rot. It happens every year and I hate it. But it happens to every gardener, right? Right???

Ok. Off to spend some quality time with the Tivo and catch up on the past two episodes of Hex.

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