Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am addicted to the Nicoise Tuna Tartine

Had it again for lunch today. Forgot my herbs at home, and it was even still good.

The home cooking was unexciting... pork tacos. But with some fresh guac and a nice lime cream, still tasty. A pot roast, a crock pot and some salsa can be a very good thing sometimes. After the non-stop day at work (reload operating system.... try installation of new product... doesn't work... try another way... still doesn't work... try a third way... still doesn't work.... rinse and repeat for the 6 other operating systems to test....)

And the Hausfrau duties are not yet done for the night. I did get to relax for a few minutes before dinner, but after dinner was a workout watching the World Series of Pop Culture (easy questions tonight. And how could you miss Ed Wood?!?!?) Some watering of the tomato plants (one needed it, badly). Cleaning off the door mat out front that some mysterious creature keeps taking a shit on during the night. Application of a general anti-critter spray to the area so hopefull tomorrow morning I'm not stepping over shit as soon as I walk out of the house (I like to wait until I'm at work to deal with the shit.... RIMSHOT! Thanks folks, I'm here all week. Don't forget to tip the wait staff). Got a load of laundry done, and some general cleaning. Watched some stuff on the Tivo. Still have to clean the kitchen and clean out the fridge as the pre-garbage day ritual.

Not sure what will be for lunch tomorrow. I was going ot use up the last of the tomato confit with some pasta and leftover chicken from Sunday... but now I've got a couple tablespoons of guac still in the fridge, calling my name (this time... covered with the leftover lime creama to keep it from going brown - usually I'll just top it with salsa to keep it from heading south). Might be some tostadas for lunch tomorrow. And I believe dinner will be a glorious dinner from the world-famous Steak and Shake... got a doctor's appointment after 6pm, and it's on my way home.

Sometime this week, I have to go on a rant about how much I hate weddings. Not even just other people's weddings.... if we hadn't gotten big feedback from the families after we returned from Vegas married to put together some type of big bash I'd have never done it, I do not have the weddig gene. Not at all. I wish I'd gotten married in my favorite leopard print PVC dress rather than the Cheongsam I did get married in. I hated being the center of attention for it all. Just eat some food, have some drinks and dance, people! My cousin is getting married on Friday, and I'm not even involved in standing up (thank you GOD) but it's still putting a crimp in my usual routine. Is it over yet???

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