Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MMmmmm... Po Boys.

So, at about 11:20 this morning, got a call at work from the hubby. I knew what his question was before I even picked up the phone.

"It's okay to have Taco Bell, I'll make something else for dinner tonight."

He then starts to explain how he'll go to Wendy's for a chicken sandwich if it's mexican, or eat Taco Bell if it's chicken.

Le Fuck. I paused. He replied... "It's mexican chicken, isn't it???"

I said I'd make something else for dinner. I didn't have much of a plan, and even for mexican chicken I'd have to stop at the store. Not much bother to get fixin's for something else.

Finally decided on shrimp po boys. I love me a po boy sandwich. And I really, really miss working two blocks from the original Heaven on Seven downtown. The best Oyster Po Boy.

So, the Heaven on Seven recipe just has you marinate the cleaned shrimp in hot sauce, and then coat it in their Seasoned Corn Flour mix. 1 1/4 cups corn flour (or Masa Harina, which I usually have on hand) plus 3 tablespoons corn starch, seasoned with various cajun-type seasonings. No eggs, no other coating, just throw the shrimp in the flour, coat, and fry (I did about 3/4 of an inch of oil in the trusty ole cast iron). Serve on a roll with lettuce, tomato, and Honey-Jalepeno Dressing (full recipe is for the Oyseter Po Boy, but it has the dressing also). I have much love for the Honey-Jalepeno dressing. And you can even make it with low-fat mayo and 2% milk for the cream with fan-flippin-tastic results.

Oh yeah. Good dinner.

Not too much else going on. Did have the first grape tomatoes from the garden yesterday... I think I was a little to egar, they could have had at least another day, maybe two, on the vine. Still tasty though. And I've got two more that should be good to go for a salad on Saturday. I just need the BIG tomatoes to start turning. I have bacon in the fridge just waiting to become a "first tomato of the summer BLT"......

Work is really manic... I'm either trying to do ten things RIGHT NOW! or just left without anything to do. Sadly, can I ask for just manic? At least I'm not bored.

Ok. Must sign off. On Real Stories of the Highway Patrol they're about to show a "Vegas reinactment." Tell me I'm not the only person, besides the hubby, on the planet that remembers this show?? We used to watch it every night... to the point we'd leave the bar and head to a controlable TV so we could flip on this horrible Cops rip-off, and laugh our asses off. Boy was I actually happy there is now a Fox Reality channel that needs program so badly, it's re-running the episodes. Guilty pleasures people, guilty pleasures. Gotta embrace them, love them, and hold them dear.

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