Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Breathe in... breathe out.....

So.... tonight was continued Turkey Day prep.

Drained off the turkey stock/giblets that I started this morning. Giblets/meat is in the freezer, and the stock is in the fridge. I may even clarify it tomorrow, we'll see.

Also started to plug in the stuff I still need to pick up at the grocery store this weekend in to my Palm, going recipe by recipe. And then I went to find my tart pie shell and pecan filling recipes. And I. Cannot. Find. Them. And it is Freaking. Me. Out.

They are on two copies sheets, with various notes. I usually keep them tucked in to The Joy of Cooking, but they're not there. And I've checked every cookbook and cleared my cookbook shelves to see if they just got tucked in somewhere else by accident. No luck.

Checked Mastercook on my laptop and my desktop, and I don't have it on either machine. Damn.

I can just get them from my mom (they're her recipes) but this means in the already busy weekend, I'll have to get over there to jot them down. And be guilted in to visiting for awhile.

Normally, I wouldn't have a big problem spending the morning wandering around TJ Maxx with my mom and then having lunch, but I *know* the stores will be filled with women out looking to pick up the perfect discount tablescape item, and I really don't need that. I might end up bashing someone in the head with a faceless pilgrim, and while that would be funny, I don't really want it on my record.

At least the stress has me being productive. I de-condiment-ed the fridge and toss some old stuff to help make room for Turkey Day stuff.

Ok. 'Nuff goofing off. Time to go clean some dishes and prep pot roast fixin's for tomorrow's dinner.

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