Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quote Rosanne Rosannadanna.... if it ain't one thing, it's another...

Been fighting some kind of wicked sickness the past couple days. I think it's how I get the flu... none of the um... "body needs to expel stuff" symptoms, but I've been just absolutely beaten and tired and achy. Not fun.

Dinners have been lame. Sandwiches on Monday, take out yesterday and eggs & bacon & toast today (I am starting to feel slightly human again).

My reward for cooking tonight? What I first thought was a messed up garbage disposal.... turns out to be blocked up sinks. FUN.

I tried some home remedy shit for them, but have not had any luck yet. Baking powder & vinegar did get some draining to happen, but sadly I'm already low on baking powder and out of vinegar (and not willing to dump more expensive vinegars down the drain, literally). I just had to resort to apple cider vinegar so my kitchen smells like colesalw now.

Thankfully, cooking is not on the menu tomorrow. Old co-worker from is going to be in town, and a bunch of people are gathering for some fun times. I'm looking forward to that. I'm not looking forward to coming home and having to deal with the sinks.

And for the first time in awhile, the hubby came home all happy... he hit his comic book store, and in addition to his comic backlog, he picked up a new statue of The Beast that he was really looking forward to. He ooooh'd and ahhhh'd as he took it out of the box and set it down to look at it.... and the while trying to put a shelf in the bookcase he's ignored for a year and a half, whacked it with something and knocked off The Beast's hand. I expected him to be more grumpy about it, but he just ran to Menards to get ceramic glue, repaired it, and went on with the evening. And... after sitting in a box right by the bookshelf for a year and a half.... he finally put up his Dr. Doom statue. I'm at least glad I don't have to look at the box anymore.

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