Wednesday, November 21, 2007

T-minus 1 day 'til Turkey Day (aka McD's For Dinner Day)

It's a long-standing tradition of the hubby to eat McD's on Thanksgiving Eve. I guess while he was growing up, it was what his family did. I can't remember what we used to do on Thanksgiving Eve... I guess take out, but nothing like the same thing year after year.

Man, there is nothing like a perfectly assembled Big Mac and hot fries. Yum.

But before I get to the activities of the day... it's time for the question and answer portion of the program.

Mikey asks: Being a foodie, is there some 'gourmet' food that everyone else likes but you can't stand?

Hell yeah. Everyone has some food they don't like. Even people who insist that they loooove everything has something - from celery to some obscure stinky cheese - that they don't like. Mine?? Goat cheese. I know people rave about it, but to me it tastes about equal to what a goat's ass smells like. Or at least from what I remember from petting zoos when I was little. I've tried, many times, and I just can't stomach the stuff.

On to more pleasant matters....

Work was boring. As I'm sure it was for 90% of other office workers today. They let us go early, but I ended up staying another 45 minutes while waiting for some stuff to get installed on my laptop.

Got home and went straight to pie dough. Did my standard tart dough that I do every year, and another actual rolled pie crust. Got that dough done and in the fridge, and on to the salmon mousse. The recipe says to mix it in a blender. Couldn't find that damned little rubber circle thingy for the blender (of course) so I ended up doing it in the food processor. I fear it might be under-salted. We'll see, I guess.

Took time to eat dinner, and then I made my pie fillings. Then I actually paused cooking to do my nails (I do UV gels in the privacy of my own home... it's easy to do and I ain't paying a salon $50 a week since I have problem nails and the gel never lasts longer than a week before pulling off). Sweet! I wasn't sure I was going to have time to do it tonight.

Also did the struesel topping for the sweet potatoes, and chopped up the chocolate for my pie. All I have to do tomorrow is roll/pat out my doughs, bake off the pies, bake the sweet potato dish so the topping can get yummy, and maybe heat up the green beans (might just nuke it in the MIL's kitchen, still undecided). Should be smooth sailing. And, I'll try to be a proper foodie and take some pictures of at least the finished stuff tomorrow.

But for now, the kitchen is cleaned, a cool, Old Style Light has been cracked open, and it's time for this gal to call the kitchen CLOSED for the night.

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