Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stupid laundry.

I just do not like doing laundry.

It is worlds better now, not living an an apartment and having the washer and dryer just steps away.... but it's one of those tasks I am just not fond of. There is so much waiting. I'm really an instant gratification kinda gal.

So, here it is... four minutes to midnight, and the dryer is still going.

It was a weekend of tasks in Casa de Hausfrau. Yesterday was "end of the growing season" tasks outside... cutting down the now pathetic garden, putting the pots under the deck, bringing in the hoses, all sorts of fun stuff (NOT!). It's always a sad time, I'm sad when the season no longer supports the garden. Although hopefully I'll be better about all the herbs I brought indoors this year and actually keep them alive.

Also spent a portion of my morning doing fun stuff like getting the oil in my car changed and getting the car washed. Which, of course, meant it rained last night.

The hubby had a gift card for Potbelly's (from a co-worker whose ass he saved the past week) so that ended up being dinner. Actually pretty good stuff. The hubby was not as impressed with the size of the sandwiches, but I thought it was just right. And boy, he got the Wreck... um... yeah. I need to get one of those for myself. Soon. That was some damned too tasty shit from the bite I had.

Tonight was Pork Chops with Country Gravy, which is a recipe I love but the hubby is not as fond of. How can you argue with pork and a nice, sage-y, milk gravy???? Served with mashed potatoes (which were a little too liquid-y, my fault) and canned corn. I was happy, he was not. He was happier when I had the Profiteroles from the Bouchon cookbook (store bought ice cream, and I took many liberties with the chocolate sauce since I didn't have the syrup on hand, only hard dark chocolate on hand rather than semi-sweet and I like a dash of coffee with chocolate). Damned tasty. Unfortunately I made the puffs yesterday, in anticipation that we'd want them yesterday, so they weren't at peak, but it was all still very good.

Turkey Day is looming. I am determined this year to take a stab at my Dad's stuffing. Dad passed in 2004, very suddenly and very, very, very fucking unexpectedly. I'm still dealing with it. And this time of the year is the worst..... I got my "foodie genes" from him. And that side of the family. And Thanksgiving was his holiday. It was up damned early in the morning to start the stuffing and the bird, and my mom did the pies. And although I knew how he was doing the turkey in later years (including our disasterous try at Alton Brown's brined bird where the bird needed an hour and a half more cooking time than the recipe stated) I never knew exactly what he did with the stuffing. It was a recipe that came down from his grandmother, from the Texas panhandle, that included bread, wild rice, and used the turkey giblets.

At the grocery store today, they had turkey necks and giblets on sale. Oh hell yeah. Bought a package of each, and tomorrow I'll prep them to throw them in the crockpot on Tuesday morning for some fine stock and the giblets I need. I was going to offer the extra stock to the mother in law but apparently she found a recipe in the Fannie Farmer cookbook I gave her for turkey gravy ahead of time that uses necks to make stock, and she gave it a test drive this weekend and loved the results. Good for her!!

But, until then, the dryer taunts. A quarter after midnight, and it still might be 15 minutes before it's done. I really need to do this stuff earlier in the day.

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