Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nothing better on a cold day....

... then walking to a house and BLAM! hit with the smell of a fully cooked dinner waiting for you.

If there is cooking going on in this house (unless it's double chocolate peanut butter filled cupcakes) I am the one doing it. While I love the smells of cooking and building up a dish in to its final product, it's a rare thing when my first smell of something is when it's complete. It might be why I like eating in restaurants more than my hubby does.... I love when the food is placed in front of you and you get that first whiff. Because I don't get it at home a lot.

But on a pot roast night, I do. I open the door and the house is filled with the smell of it. I'm instantly happy. I know that a lovely dinner awaits without a lot of fuss from me (still have to make the gravy, and I usually also make some rosemary scented cous cous for me, I'm not a fan of pot roast potatoes for some reason).

Today was also Beaujolais Nouveau day (happy me!) which is one of my favorite days. I am one of the idiots that will happily buy the wine to enjoy on its release day, knowing full well in about a week and a half it will be two bucks cheaper. The first bottle I cracked open was a Domaine Dupeuble and it's lovely. Actually strong enough to pair very well with the pot roast.

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Marilyn said...

Oh, I envy you. I NEVER get the chance to experience foods at home that I haven't cooked. And I fully relate to you on not appreciating pot roast potatoes. I love potatoes, but I like them to actually taste like potatoes. Again, I love your blog. Thanks.