Friday, November 30, 2007

The joys of Previously Owned Home Ownership...

Yeah. The damned clogged sink.

It was still like that on Thursday, after I got home from pizza/beer with a former co-worker and some of my, well, now former co-workers. It was good times. And the best work stories always come when the booze is flowing.

Anyway, I picked up some Drano, an auger and some other clog-busting supplies at my lunch on Thursday. When I got home, I tried a plastic clog-buster thing that didn't work, realized I was a moron when I bought the auger and it wouldn't fit down the sink drain, so we went for the Drano. Poured half the bottle in to the non-disposal side.

Two hours later, no change. Poured in the rest of the bottle and went to bed.

Woke up, still no change.

It would have been nice to take an hour to deal with it this morning, but on my last full work day in the office (have I talked about that here? I'm "taking" the last severance date they gave me - which was today - since I got an offer for a full time position elsewhere, but I'm still going to be doing contracting work for my, well, now-former place since I was the only one left who did my job). Usually, when you're leaving a job of your own free will, a last day should be easy-peasy. Not so for me. Other people/stuff was running late and I knew I had to get in early if I planned to still pack up my desk and get all my stuff done and get outta there by four.

Figured I'd deal with it when I got home. It was a lot of "hurry up and wait" for the first half of my day until people delivered on what they needed to give me and I could get on with what I have to do. And then some MAJOR changes were told to me at about 3:55. Yeah. I'll jump right on that on Monday when I'm on the clock again.

Good-byes were a little sad, but I'll still be around in some form, so not totally sad, not nearly as bad when all the other laid off folks went in August.

On the ride home, decided to stop at Ace Hardware for more Drano, an auger that would work in the sink, and see if they had the zig-zag Christmas tree decoration I bought there several years back that I loved, that died on me last year. No Christmas tree thingy, but I did find an auger that would work for the sink, and some more Drano.

Came home, and found that the non-disposal side of the sink had drained. Cool! But why not the other side? Hmm. Didn't think too much, ran upstairs for a quick costume change in to work clothes, and back to tackle the drains.

Started running some hot water thru the now open drain. Hey... how come my socks are getting wet?

Opened the cabinets below the sink, water everywhere. GREAT.

Big, gaping hole in the U part of the pipe. Sigh.

Started to clean that up, then opened the dishwasher, which was filled with water. GREAT.

Suddenly recalled when our dishwasher broke and it got in to the heating ducts and started leaking in the basement. Ran down to the basement, and sure enough, water. GREAT.

My entire house now smells like cole slaw. WONDERFUL.

Worked on cleaning up what I could, which involved getting two utility buckets worth of water out of various places, cleaned up under the sink. Was about to pour myself a glass of wine when the hubby arrived home, so I left the bottle unopened and we examined the damage and discussed the action plan.

Hope to get up early tomorrow and hit the grocery stores for actual food, since they're talking about an icey storm hitting in the afternoon. Really, all I need is fresh veggies. And maybe soda. Shouldn't be too bad. I'm hopeful that by tomorrow night I'll have a kitchen with actual FLOWING water again and I can cook dinner. If I don't, it'll be take-out on paper plates with plastic utensils.

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Marilyn said...

Oh hon, I feel for you. Drain problems are no fun. Once, my daughter was making macaroni and cheese and without thinking, dumped the cooked pasta down the drain. Clog city. I think I bought 3 bottles of drain cleaner and then had to call the plumbers. And then there was the time years ago when we were getting a new kitchen sink put in and the connections were left undone over night. Unfortunately, that was the night the water softener ran. At 3 o'clock in the morning we were vacuuming water off the kitchen floor. Good times... The point? This too shall pass. Keep reminding yourself of this fact and think of how someday this will become a humorous story. Good luck.