Tuesday, November 20, 2007

T-minus 2 'til T-Day... AK-47. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every M...

Oh. Hold on. That wasn't quite right.

Sweet potatoes, salmon, and mushroom bechamel. When you absolutley, positively got to use every muthafuckin' cutting board in the house.

That's better.

Pumpkin Gooey Butter cake went down well at work, several people wanted the recipe to try for other holiday parties. Other than that, work was uneventful today.

Got home and jumped right in to food prep. Did the sweet potatoes first, then dinner (Reuben sandwiches), then a bit of TV viewing with the hubby, then nuked my salmon and made the mushroom bechamel, then shredded the salmon.

Also found out my mom is not going to be going up to visit my aunt for Turkey Day, she's staying in town. Which means she'll be joining me & the hubby at my in-laws (not a problem for the in-laws, my mom always has a standing invite with them for holidays) so I'm not feeling so guilty bringing so much food. And, the mother in law is feeling better do she doesn't think she needs my help on Thursday (whew!).

Wish I had more energy to blab right now, but I'm pooped!

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Hurricane Mikey said...

Is there *any* salmon dish that doesn't have that SMELL? I don't know why, but the smell of salmon just makes me gag. My brain KNOWS that salmon is good food, but I just cannot convince my palate. Even smoked salmon is tough for me to eat, and everyone raves about it like it's food of the Gods.

Being a foodie, is there some 'gourmet' food that everyone else likes but you can't stand?