Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's not easy being green??

One of the nicer things about the townhome development I live in is that lot of people spend time planting flowers and plants and all the pretty stuff that makes a hum-drum townhome look nice. In the time we've lived in the complex, we've had three landscaping companies and they have all sucked pretty badly, so it's extra nice that people to pay some attention to their yards to make up the difference.

Today, a nice, cool fall day after a couple of night time freezes, it was time to tackle the yard and cut down all the veggie and flower plants, bring in the hoses, put the pots away, etc. I made a special run to the hardware store to get some lawn bags to throw all my yard waste in, trying to be a responsible-type person.

As I was bagging uo stuff out front, one of the neighbors came over (she was also doing end-of-season work in her yard) and gave me the scoop... several years back, the management company called the village and canceled the yard waste pick up for the complex, since our landscaping company at the time would also pick the stuff up as part of the contract. Turns out, with the landscaping company we currently have, they didn't bother to check the contact to make sure they also had this service. They don't.

So, trying to be a responsible person with my yard waste, my only option is to drive my yard waste 15 miles and pay $30 to have it dealt with.

Oh hell no.

My other option is to shove it all in a plastic bag and have it go to the landfill with the regular garbage.


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Marilyn said...

Good for you for trying! We recycle, but it is a lot of work!