Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stuffing report

Not a success at recreating my dad's stuffing, but not too far off in any case. And I knew where I might be going wrong while I was making it, but forged ahead.

Too many giblets. I just went a little too nuts with the giblets in the stuffing. I remember my dad always trying to sneak in more and more each time he made them and my mom fighting it... well, I guess my mom was good at keeping him in check. I had no problem with the giblets being used for the stock - that wasn't too overpowering - but chopped in to the stuff was a bit much. Especially since I used several of them.

Also, I used a couple loaves of Italian bread, and it was a little to much "white" and not enough "crust" for my tastes. But, all told, it's stuff that is easily fixable next time around. I might have another go around Christmas, and bring it to our Christmas brunch to make my mom & bro try to see if I've got it down right.

In any case... I'm happy. It's not a horrible, total mystery on how my dad did his stuff. I guess i did spend enough time poking around the kitchen and asking questions when I had the chance.

No pictures of the process.... apparently I'm the last stop on the cold that was being passed around the hubby's family the past two weeks. Woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck, immediately counter-attacked with large amounts of OJ and chicken soup for lunch. Feeling a bit better, but still pretty out of it.

I'll most likely be spending the rest of the evening browsing appetizer recipes. We've got the brother in law's annual Christmas party on the 8th and I'd like to bring something (since I usually do). Thinking the mushroom/phyllo triangles out of the current issue of Cooking Light, but was thinking maybe something else too. Hmmm.

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