Monday, November 19, 2007

T-minus 3 days (?) until Turkey Day....

Today was actually busy at work. Trying to wrap things up before I go on "part time" status.

Dinner tonight was eggs, bacon, potato pancakes and toast for dinner. Very nice for people who just don't eat breakfast most nights. And easy, not a lot of cleanup.... good, since I had other tasks to accomplish.

Made Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake. I've wanted to try it for awhile, and while I love pumpkin, no one else at T-day likes it. So I figure it's best to make it to bring in to work and hope people eat it there. I get my pumpkin fix, no leftovers to deal with, everyone is happy. Mainly me. Based on recipe reviews on the Food Network site, I did half the amount of sugar. The crust seemed sweet enough, and my uncooked-egg-filled taste test of the uncooked pumpkin mixture seemed plenty sweet to me.

Also did the cranberry sauce tonight. In the past, I've done a double batch of it and had waaaay too much left over. A single of it looks like a good amount.... considering the T-day crowd is also not cranberry-happy like my side of the family.

Tomorrow, I plan to do the mushrooms/bechamel for the green beans, the sweet potatoes, and poach my salmon for the salmon mousse I'm doing (or I might just nuke it in a steamer bag... man I love those things). That leaves Wednesday night for the mousse, pie dough and filling prep, and I'll bake everything off on Thursday. Provided that my mother in law is feeling better and doesn't need my help on early Thursday (I offered.... she's got a wicked cold right now). If she does need help, Wednesday night is going to be a flurry of flour and baking in my kitchen.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving???

Marilyn said...

It all sounds yummy. Have a Happy Turkey Day!

MrsVJW said...

Sure you can Mikey.... but I'll be over at my in-laws. ;) And plane tickets just might be a little expensive right now!